2022-11-25 in the public service business center of the Ignalina nuclear power plant region, Ateities str. On the 23rd, the second publicizing event of the project “Implementation of the Welfare Consultants Model in the Ignalina District Municipality” took place.

At the event, the welfare consultants of the Ignalina district presented the project, and shared what results they have achieved so far and what future plans are expected. Welfare consultants were happy that the project in the Ignalina district was a great success, there is no shortage of people who want to register for consultation. Collaborating institutions also contributed to the successful publicity of the project, whose representatives also presented themselves at the event, talked about the activities of their institution, and the dissemination of the services of Welfare consultants.
The moderator of the event presented a message about the importance of good emotional and physical health. The participants of the event were included in discussions and practical sessions on how to recognize and evaluate stressful situations and how to solve them easier thanks to positive thinking.
Those gathered were treated to sweets, tea and coffee, and at the end of the event, the participants were invited to play a quiz and test their knowledge about human emotional and physical health, and the most successful ones were awarded project attributes.

2022-03-29 įvyko pirmasis Informational event on the Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in Ignalina district

At the event, the services of a well-being consultant were presented in more detail, it was about good emotional health, positive thinking. We learn to recognize and evaluate stressful situations and, thanks to positive thinking, it is easier to solve them.

During the break, participants were invited to enjoy coffee and sweets,  and at the end of the event, a brainstorming session with awards was held.